SYTYCD Season 10: Live Show 6

As you probably noticed, I did not get a recap up last week. I was too devastated by the exit of M.Spears. I really wanted a hip hop girl to have a good run and I thought she was good in other styles, but at this point all the girls except Amy are pretty much on equal footing to me, so I won’t be surprised by any girl’s exit from now on. I thought Curtis should have left before BluPrint, but now Curtis is gone too, so on with the show.

Also noteworthy from week 5- Pixie gave her best performance to date in my mind, Amy and Fik continued to prove that there is nothing they can’t master, and Carly Rae Jepsen was a waste of a guest judge.

* These are strictly my opinions. I have a dance and cheer background. If I am harsh on a competitor and you are in a sorority with a girl whose brother is dating an aerobics instructor who favors a cast member on SYTYCD, this is not personal and I am sure they are the best dancer to ever come out of your hometown. Now on with the recap:

The opening number was really cool and I saw standout moments for most people. I think the layout step-out across the diagonal was Nico. Also, I believe it was Amy that had some dance work in the front. Overall, really nice routine.

Following the opening number, we find out our bottom six: Curtis, Alan, Nico, Alexis, Mackenzie, and Jasmine. I knew right then that the tappers were going home. Curtis has reached his peak and doesn’t compare to the other boys. Alexis is soooooo sick as a tapper, but she is a slight notch below the other girls when asked to do other styles. I will take this time to point out that other dancers are NEVER asked to learn tap, nor do the tappers ever get the luxury of dancing their own style one week (essentially ensuring safety) like literally every other dancer in the competition, so the odds are stacked against them from the beginning. I will also mention that Alexis is one of the best tappers I have ever seen! As Nigel said during her audition, she understands that the moments in tap when you are not making noise are sometimes just as powerful.

Dance 1: Luther Brown Hip Hop

Tucker & JJ

Nigel gave them a hard time and said this was really bad, but I liked it. I didn’t LOVE it, but I thought it was a good effort  from a Julliard dancer and a ballroom dancer. A lot of people in the comments section criticize Luther Browns choreography, but they just don’t understand East Coast Hip-Hop. It is a style of hip hop that honestly reminds me of a drag queen z-snapping, which probably helped these guys (rather then getting animation or something). Witney and Twitch slayed the east coast hip hop style last year if you want to look it up. Actually, after watching W&T, this couple did seem a little too upright. Still, I wouldn’t call it BAD.

Dance 2: Sonya Tayeh Contemporary

Alexis & Nico

Best performance for this couple thus far. They finally found the chemistry, so it is a shame they are parting ways now with Alexis’ departure. Nico was just perfection in his own style. Lexi rose to the occasion and looked phenomenal in this number- what a way to go out!

Dance 3: Leonardo & Miriam Argentine Tango


Curtis could not perform this week, but I missed what the reason was. He probably would have been the one leaving anyway, but it’s a shame he didn’t get a farewell number. We did get to see Hayley dance with a pro though. That is great because you know they won’t make you look bad, but is also tough because you will be compared to them. She looked like a ballroom dancer that was simply performing with her partner. It was fab! This is my favorite number of hers, because I was tired of them making her overly sexy. It isn’t necessary.

Dance 4: Sonya Tayeh Contemporary

Mackenzie and Paul

They are both so good! And Nigel, if you are wondering why Mackenzie keeps getting voted into the bottom, it is because she didn’t get very much coverage in Vegas so a lot of people had already connected with other dancers. Her technique is sooooo good though. I fear they may be in trouble because  it does seem like a routine that has been performed on the show before, but if you are strictly looking at the dance ability, these two are amaze. Paul has been steadily rising on my list of favorite boys. He might take that numba 1 spot!

Dance 5: Apple Dance (Contemp…did anyone catch the choreographer’s name?)

AJ and Jasmine

Here are two things I say to myself every time they perform- 1. How the hell did AJ not originally make the show?! He looks good in everything. 2. I really wish this couple would date if they aren’t already. Their chemistry is on fire! This wasn’t the most difficult contemporary routine I have ever seen, but it was lovely, sweet, and I believed them. Neither of them are front runners to win individually, but together they bring out the best in each other which has helped them tremendously in the competition.

Dance 6: Christopher Scott Hip Hop

Amy & Fik

This was the least memorable of all their performances, but I still think they are the couple to beat. It was cute, but not a wow moment. I really couldn’t stand those dumb shoes and socks they put on Amy….it didn’t do her short legs any favors. Trust me- I am built like her. We don’t need to cut our legs off at the ankles. Amy did show that she was a true pro by recovering from the fall. I actually thought it was maybe part of the routine, since they were portraying this sort of goofy dopey love. The routine was good, but it wasn’t memorable.

Dance 7: Jonathan Salsa

Malece and Alan

Boy was Alan HOT in his own style! I am glad we got to see that. This routine was full of lifts and was suuuuuper difficult. Malece is really peaking at the right time. There were moments when she looked out of her element, but given the difficulty level in this routine, I am probably reaching to find something to critique. These two are quickly becoming dark horse contenders.


Mini Dance 1: Spencer Liff Broadway

Mackenzie, JJ, Malece, Hayley, Nico, Alan, Spencer (filling in for Curtis)

This was a feel good number, but it didn’t give me any thing that would make me remember someone. There were no moments when I said to myself “Wow. I need to keep my eye on him/her.” However, it was good music, good attitude, and good dancing. This was a nice routine that the average viewer probably really enjoyed watching. I think Mackenzie and Hayley were the best out of the girls- slight advantage to Mackenzie. Nico had some nice moments in the routine too.


Mini Dance 2: Bonnie Story Contemporary

Amy, Fik, Jasmine, AJ, Paul, Tucker and Alexis

I loved this! I hope Bonnie comes back to choreograph more often. Everyone looked great in this routine. If I HAD to pick a weak spot, it would be Fik (you could tell in his turns and leaps), but he was able to do enough to blend. Amy is incredible. I could watch her dance for hours. Jasmine is a pro at tapping into the emotion of a routine. Even Alexis doesn’t get enough credit- the camera wasn’t on her much, but when it was I watched her do a calypso leap and it was lovely. Tucker stood out amongst the boys, though my eyes went to AJ a lot too. Overall, really fantastic dance!


So what do you guys think? Who are your favorites? Who do you want to see go home? Anybody else think AJ and Nico could pass for a poor man’s version of the main characters on Graceland?

P.S. Anna Kendrick = Best guest judge ever! She offered constructive criticism without being overbearing. She cut a joke or two, but not to the point where I couldn’t take her seriously. Da Bomb!


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SYTYCD Season 10: Live Show 4

* These are strictly my opinions. I have a dance and cheer background. If I am harsh on a competitor and you are in a sorority with a girl whose brother is dating an aerobics instructor who favors a cast member on SYTYCD, this is not personal and I am sure they are the best dancer to ever come out of your hometown. Now on with the recap:

The guest judges tonight are Erin Andrews of Fox Sports and Paula Abdul. Erin danced in college at the University of Florida and also competed on Dancing With The Stars. Paula became famous as a Laker Girl turned pop music star.

The group routines are REALLY good this year. Sonya and Christopher blew my mind with the opening piece. This might be my favorite group number yet.

After the group routine we received some really bad news and some good news. The bad news is that Jade tore his meniscus and is out. That is a tough injury and my heart goes out to him. The good news is that they changed the format so that eliminations are at the end of the show and we no longer have to start on a sad note. Plus the dancers can not only dance for their lives, but can have their regular number considered as well.

Once we found this out, I reflected and thought…. if this format had been in place last week, Jade would’ve gone home (Los was so good in the contemporary piece) and maybe saved his meniscus. Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve…I know…but the thought crossed my mind.

The bottom three boys were: Blu, Curtis, and Jade. Due to Jade’s injury the other two did not have to dance for their lives. Jade will be the one exiting this week (obvy).

The bottom three girls were: Alexis, Jazzy Jas, and JJ.

Alexis: Damn she is a good tapper! She falls middle of the pack in the other styles, which may come back to haunt her, but of the three tappers on the show I think she is the best tapper. Her DFYL was my favorite.

Jazzy Jas: She was sexy in her DFYL, but the routine was nothing to write home about. It didn’t have any wow moments and was something thousands of girls on dance teams nation wide could have done.

JJ: Her DFYL came across as a little cheesy to me, but that may just be the nature of ballroom dancing. All in all, I felt her dance was the same routine, different color fringe.

Next we had the couple dances–

Dance 1: Jean-Marc Genereux Paso

Amy & Fik

Is the anything this couple can’t do? The “slow motion” part, at the 1:32 mark, was really cool. This was an incredible routine.

Dance 2: Spencer Liff Broadway

Jasmine & AT

Typically the broadway routines are not my favorite, because they are just too easy. This was the best broadway performed thus far in the season and it actually contained some turns, leaps…content to judge!

Dance 3: Lindsey Nelko Contemporary

Makenzie and Paul

#Breathtaking. That is all I really want to say. I will add, though, that Paul comes across as really feminine in his individual performances (show intros), but whenever he is choreographed for, he really shines. And kudos to the new choreographer, Lindsay! Amaze!

Dance 4: Sean Cheeseman Jazz

Jazzy Jas & Alan

Fun, but not special enough to bring in the votes. You probably won’t remember this routine tomorrow.

Dance 5: Keone&Mari Madrid Hip Hop

JJ & Tucker

I liked Nigel’s term for this number- “Hip Jazz”. That is exactly what it was. Overall, this was my least favorite routine of the night. Originally, I thought it was because I just didn’t like the choreography, but I found a video of Keone & Mari and they look soooo cool doing this hip-jazz style. It makes be feel even more that these two dancers just didn’t nail it.

Dance 6: Sonya Tayeh Contemporary

Pixie & Marcos

With Jade’s injury, former cast member Marco came back to dance. I knew this would help Pixie a lot and sure enough she gave her best performance to date.  This received a standing O, but for me it was the same recycled moves from Sonya…that being said it was danced incredibly well.

Dance 7: Jean- Marc Genereux Samba

Hayley & Smiley

Smiley is pretty much the supporting cast to the Hayley routine every week. I don’t like the dances she keeps being given, but she is dancing them well. I don’t know samba, but did this seem slow? Also, there was a really shaky lift section. Sorry, not great guys.

Dance 8: Spencer Liff Jazz

Lexi & Nico

Nico is a phenom technically. And Lexi held her own with him (remember she is a tapper). They had a really beautifully synchronized turn sequence, where she had to spot him for timing. You would think the one experienced in this style would be behind the less experienced and be responsible for adjusting his speed. But she was asked to do that. Bravo! However, this couple- and I mean both of them- need to work on developing an emotional chemistry if they want to reel in the votes.

Dance 9: Luther Brown Hip Hop

M. Spears and Blu. Yay! Two hip hoppers given their own style- I knew this would not disappoint. The choreographer was right in the package, though. Blu could work on his facials, or lack thereof. Whoever M.Spears dances with, I always watch her. She has the *It* factor. I thought Nigel took it too far to say Blu is not a great dancer and does not give personality. He is a great dancer in his style, but yes, needs personality. Nigel pretty much says anyone who is not classically trained is not a great dancer.

Next we had the judging of the bottom three girls. JJ was immediately saved. Honestly, she is the one I would have sent home, but they want to keep a ballroom girl since they feed DWTS. Also, they are taking into account how the dancers are with the choreographers, which we don’t see much of….so, maybe I am missing something.

Therefore, it came down to Lexi and Jazzy Jas. Hands down Lexi had the better night of the two and the best DFYL of the three bottom girls, however the audience learned that based on choreographer feedback she may be hard to teach…yikes. That is the kiss of death on this show. Then we are told that the choreographers think Jazzy lacks confidence and she was sent home. I was surprised given the hard to teach comment, but at the same time, happy that the judges saw what I did in the quality of Lexi’s DFYL and dance with Nico.

Other notable facts from the night:

– Erin was pretty annoying. I feel the guest judges should offer suggestion…something like “Maybe try to do xyz a little more”, but she went into coach mode. “I never want to see you in the bottom again.” Nigel and Mary are the parents and can be hard on these kids. Guests are like your parents friends that you call “aunt” and “uncle”, but really aren’t. They are there for friendly advice. She seemed too pushy, like she was trying too hard to seem like a legit dance critic.

– Paula was as long winded as ever (rich for me to say, I know)

– AT and Nico remind me of the two lead characters on Graceland. Anyone? Anyone?

– Nigel said, “Keep dancing Jade.” I literally said out loud “Well, not right now, at this minute, don’t keep dancing. Just keep dancing in general.” Ha! I crack myself up.

I predict Alexis, Hayley and JJ to be in trouble. And for the boys- Smiley, Blu, and Tucker. Sound off in the comments!

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SYTYCD Season 10: 3rd Live Show

My apologies on last week’s recap. I now realize they are not voting couples as a whole into the bottom three, but instead individual dancers. Also, they are now doing the eliminations at the beginning of the show which means the dancers that are cut from the competition still have to perform. It is HORRIBLE! I hate this. I hate it for three main reasons:

A. It is cruel to the people being cut. I realize they are professionals and can still perform, but it must be hard. And for the audience it starts the show on a sad, rather than upbeat, note.

B. It isn’t fair to the partners of those cut. Should the person that was eliminated be down, or not invested in the competition anymore, they may not perform up to par. I didn’t notice this happening last night, but it easily could. Also, the partners of those cut get one less clip of their routine played at the end of the show, meaning their performance is less likely to be top of mind.

C. The individuals cut do not get their farewell video at the end of the show. I always thought that was a nice moment to remind them what an accomplishment it was to make the cast in the first place.

So basically, I hate it. Hate it big time.

* These are strictly my opinions. I have a dance and cheer background. If I am harsh on a competitor and you are in a sorority with a girl whose brother is dating an aerobics instructor who favors a cast member on SYTYCD, this is not personal and I am sure they are the best dancer to ever come out of your hometown. Now on with the recap:

Bottom three girls: M.Spears, Cherry, and Makenzie

Bottom three boys: Los, Jade, and Alan

The judges elect to save Makenzie and Alan right then and there, leaving the other four to dance for their lives. Here are my thoughts on each-

M.Spears: Overall, she is a total bad ass. She is the best female hip-hop dancer on the show in a while, and other than the jive has looked great in all numbers and in Vegas. I really didn’t want to see her leave and was happy when the judges agreed. [M.Spears and Los Video]

Los: This is the first time I have truly been convinced of how good Los really is.  His dancing is phenomenal and he needs to focus his routines on that and should stop tumbling. It is distracting for people who know tumbling, because it is sloppy. Los looked great dancing tonight, but it appears it was too little, too late, and he was sent packing. Ironically, he had the best dance for your life performance of the four. However, the judges consider the dance for your life along with the dancer’s entire body of work and how well they do in rehearsals with the choreographers- a lot of which we don’t see.

Cherry: I was surprised she was in the bottom after doing so well with the Afro Jazz routine. It must be hard to perform ballroom solo, but I think it was clear she was going home when she couldn’t command the stage solo the way last year’s ballroom girls could. [Cherry and Jade Video]

Jade: The judges felt his performance was full of waves which was “too easy,” but I have to say I liked it. I liked that he started with just his fingers and the movement melted throughout his body.

The opening dance was really great. I enjoyed each person in the routine. Enough said.

Dance 1: Ray Leeper Jazz

Hayley and Curtis

For the second week in a row, they sexed up the 18-year-old Hayley. Don’t get me wrong, she looked smokin’- this is coming from a straight female- but I don’t see this bringing in the votes from the family crowd. The dominatrix outfit was so distracting, I could barely focus on the dancing, which was pretty good. However, the routine wasn’t exactly “difficult”. Also, wth was Applegate talking about “you need to ooze into the words”? I get what she is saying, but it still annoyed me for some reason.

Dance 2: Nappy Tabs Hip-Hop

Jasmine and Aaron

Are these two dating? They should! Holy Chemistry! Another question- how in the world did Aaron not originally make the top 10 boys. He is fab! No complaints about this number. Loved it.

Dance 3: Nakul Bollywood

Malece & Jade

I have no idea how to judge Bollywood dances. It seemed fun and lively, which is the feel you should have with this dance style. I admit, I only watched Pixie for the first third of the routine, but I thought Jade picked it up after a while.

Dance 4: Stacey Tookey Contemporary

Alexis and Nico

This was sweet and soft and exactly what you expect from a Stacey Tookey contemporary routine. I think Lexi could work on her hands. Sometimes they look like catchers’ mitts. Overall though, she looked very graceful, which has to be hard for a tapper. Nico is perfection in contemporary numbers.

Dance 5: Spencer Liff Broadway

Brittany and BluPrint

I like that Blu, as a street dancer, has his dance terminology down. In the pre-performance package he referenced shenae turns and pirouettes. Since Cheery is out, I watched Blu closely. I can’t knock him, nor can I praise him, because there was simply very little content choreographed in for him. Toward the end there were some moves worth watching, which he did well with. Overall it was too much mediocre acting and not enough dancing. This was my least favorite performance of the night, but I am not even sure I can fault the dancers. Snooozzzeee…..

Dance 6: Miriam & Leonardo Argentine Tango

Jasmine and Alan

This was difficult! The choreographers did not hold back on this couple. I thought a few of the early lifts and one in the middle looked sketchy on Jazzy’s part, but she has never done ballroom and had a LOT thrown at her in those heels. Alan was totally in his element in this dance. The routine was highlighted by the closing lift sequence that was super hard and looked amazing.

Dance 7: Sean Cheeseman Jazz

Makenzie and Paul

This was a breakout dance for both of these dancers for me. They were two I always forgot about when I thought of the cast, but this number was really good. Paul did a nice aerial off the stairs and had another trick towards the end that surprised me coming from the ballroom guy. Makenzie looked great and danced the hell out of this routine.

Dance 8: Stacey Tookey Contemporary

Mariah and Carlos

This was the dance of the night. It is a shame ‘Los was at his best after he was already eliminated. His movement was gorgeous! His partner, M.Spears, was stunning. She didn’t look “hip hop” at all and once again she nailed the character. The routine was beautiful and captivating.

Dance 9: Nappy Tabs Hip Hop

Amy and Fik-Shun

Very cute number! I loved the concept and the choreography. Fik was right at home in this dance – adorable and perfect. A few times Amy looked too “proper” in her face, but home-girl can hit those moves with her bod. These two will go far.

Dance 10: Dmitry Chaplin Cha-Cha

Jenna and Tucker

JJ was in her style and nailed it. I agree with Applegate and thought that Tucker played the role well, but Mary the ballroom expert basically said he was middle of the road. Nigel critiqued the choreography which is a waste of time during the dancer critique, since it should be about them. However, I do agree with him- it didn’t have enough traditional cha-cha especially since one of the dancers is an actual ballroom dancer. This was good, but not closing the show worthy.

Worst Dances: Cherry & Blu Broadway and Hayley & Curtis Jazz

Best Dances: M.Spears & Los Contemporary and Jasmine & Aaron Hip Hop

Who do you think goes home next week?

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SYTYCD Season 10: Live Show 2

* These are strictly my opinions. I have a dance and cheer background. If I am harsh on a competitor and you are in a sorority with a girl whose brother is dating an aerobics instructor who favors a cast member on SYTYCD, this is not personal and I am sure they are the best dancer to ever come out of your hometown. Now on with the recap:

The opening number was really fun. M.Spears and Jasmine were my favorite to watch. I don’t know how many times they filmed it, but it was obviously one shot- quite impressive! Also, we got to know some fun, quick facts about our dancers this week. If you found any of them funny, as I did, comment below.

Dance 1: Jason Gilkison Jive

Mariah and Carlos

The first couple out of the gates got the jive and had blah, but not horrible, reviews from the judges. I really didn’t think they did that bad, but after watching the rest of the top-notch routines, I realized this was pretty mediocre. However, it bothered me that the judges gave leniency to Jade when he was dancing out of his style, but not to these guys. Anywho, the 60s themed jive was cute, but not memorable. The tumbling skills from ‘Los are bothering me, but that is because I KNOW my tumbling as a former cheerleader- he is always undercut and has slightly bent legs. Not sure if his “aerial” was an aerial or a side-semi or what. The kicks and flicks from both of these guys where not sharp enough, but Mariah sure can nail a character!

Dance 2: Travis Wall Contemporary Number

Jasmine M. and Alan

I looooooved this routine- the music, the concept, everything. These two dancers had to perform blindfolded. Not only that, but Travis threw a myriad of lifts, catches and partnered moves their way. This couldn’t have been easy. Jazzy Jas is really upping her game. Her movement was just beautiful as she was entrenched into the music. Alan had this dumb grin on his face to start the routine, but became more believable as it went on. It was danced well by the pair of them. The trust fall part was my absolute favorite moment- get out of my head Wayne Brady. Bravo!

Dance 3: Travis Wall Jazz Routine

Malece and Jade

I didn’t hate this and I didn’t love it. Overall, I’m pretty neutral on my reaction towards this routine. Pixie technically danced well. Jade didn’t mess anything up, but didn’t have much content thrown his way. He caught and lifted Pixie a lot, while she did most of the jazz dancing. Jade was given a few hip-hop-esque moves. To give them credit, both dancers played the character well.

Dance 4: Tyce Diorio Broadway Dance

Jenna and Tucker

I was impressed with Tucker’s tumbling in this routine. He had a layout step-out toward the end that he handled with ease. As for his partner, just when I think JJ comes across as slightly arrogant and high maintenance, she reminds me there is a reason for all of that confidence. Damn, she can sell a routine. All I can say about this number is that it is Broadway ready! It could be on the big stage tomorrow.

Dance 5: Sean Cheeseman AfroJazz Number

Brittany and BluPrint

When I heard the style of the routine I felt bad for this couple, because typically no matter how well these eccentric dances are actually danced, the audience does not connect and does not vote for these types of numbers. That being said, if people don’t vote for this, they are crazy! It was so intriguing and they both did a fantastic job. If I am splitting hairs, I give the edge to Blu. Cherry looked awesome in the contemporary infused moves, but Blu was AMAZE in this routine!!! This was so great, especially considering both dancers were out of their style.

Dance 6: Christopher Scott Hip Hop Routine

Alexis and Nico

Uhhhhh….this was bad. It’s a shame, because these dancers are two of the best in my opinion. It appears their weak spot is hip-hop, and Christopher tried to choreograph around it by infusing their traditional dance styles into the hip-hop number. That resulted in a bad acting “battle” type back and forth that I was only hoping would end. That being said, both of their individual moves in the show down section were pretty sick, especially Nico’s, so I am hoping these kids can survive this performance and show us what they really have to offer.

Dance 7: Jason Gilkison Viennese Waltz

Makenzie and Paul

Paul said he had never done standard ballroom before, but I find that hard to believe given he won SYTYCD in another country- surely he did ballroom on that show. Also, I am glad Mary pointed out how hard it is to break in ballroom shoes- otherwise I would’ve faulted Makenzie for not having perfectly pointed toes. It was really hard for me to focus on the dancing in this number, because I was not connected with the costume/music combo. The music was Avril Lavigne while their costuming was pretty, pretty princess….certainly not Avril teenage angst look. I know that shouldn’t matter, but it was all I thought about. Both performers were the epitome of grace and I can’t fault them on anything. It was danced beautifully. I am just not sure it will bring in the votes.

Dance 8: Sonya Tayeh Jazz Routine

Jasmine H. and Aaron

Jasmine has never looked better then she did in this routine and I think she has already corrected some clarity of movement issues. I love this couple together! You can feel the chemistry! I wish Aaron had more content thrown his way (he had a nice double), but he was busy lifting Jasmine and I totally didn’t mind because her legs looked GORG in every lift. Legs for days….so jealous! I wish I could say more, but there wasn’t much to critique. Just Fab.

Dance 9: Christopher Scott Hip-Hop Dance

Hayley and Curtis

The judges raved about this, but I was left wanting more. Maybe it was because they had the bad luck of following the chemistry filled jazz routine by Jas and Aaron. I didn’t like them toying with the light so much. It was better when they were just dancing. Hayley looked HOT in this dance, which meant I didn’t watch Curtis much. After watching back, he did a pretty good job, but part of this competition is making the audience’s eyes go to you. You have to work with your partner, but you also have to compete with them to be the star of the number.

Dance 10: Sonya Tayeh Contemporary Routine

Amy and Fik-Shun

OhMyGahhhhh!!! So good! They certainly saved the best for last. Amy is perfection. Fik did an amazing job outside his style and should be given credit there, but Amy was the STAR of the dance. In fact she was the star of the entire night. There is nothing more to say.

Top 3 Couples: Amy and Fik Contemporary, Jazzy Jas and Alan Contemporary, Brittany and Blu AfroJazz (nearly tying for 3rd is the Jasmine and Aaron Jazz number, but I chose the AfroJazz because there was content for both dancers and the other routine was centered around Jasmine).

Bottom 3 Couples: Alexis and Nico Hip-Hop, M.Spears and ‘Los Jive, Malece and Jade Jazz. The judges will know the bottom three before they perform next week, so they can watch for anything that may change their mind on who to send home.  Typically who they send home is based on their body of work, not just the routine from the previous week, so Alexis, Nico and Mariah should survive. That leaves Malece going home with either Jade or Carlos.

Tune in next week and see if I am right. Also, comment below on your favorite routines and dancer facts 🙂

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What’s All The Hype About?

By Katie Postich, UGA Alumni

We’ve all seen it, heard it, and likely participated. It begins as the last piece of confetti falls from the championship game rafters. Preseason hype: who is predicted to be the best next season, which if you’ve forgotten, is typically 5- 8 months away in each sport. If you truly think about, the bold statements we make are equivalent to the response we receive from a Magic 8 Ball.  We’ll even look back and mock predictions that were not only incorrect but outlandish compared to the actual outcome. Which begs the question: Why do we keep making preseason predictions? Answer: For the slim chance that we can turn to our buddy with a wide grin and our fist in the air saying, “I told ya so.”
However, numbers never lie. Here is a  flashback into some recent sports’ predictions. Some were spot on. Most were not.
1.     Over the past 62 years, College Football preseason #1 teams have finished the season at #1 only 10 times.
2.     The 2012’s Men’s College Basketball preseason poll was fairly accurate, with 8 of the top 10 preseason teams actually finishing in the top 10.
3.     In the 2012 College Football preseason ranking, the University of Southern California was our nation’s #1 team. They finished the season un-ranked.
4.     In 2010, the San Francisco 49ers were preseason #1 in the NFL with a 4-0 record, however they ended 6-10, in 26th place overall.
5.     The NHL’s preseason #1 team in 2007-2008, the Ottawa Senators, finished the regular season marked at 13th overall with a 43-31 record.
6.     In the 2012 College Football season, the University of Arkansas was predicated to beat either Alabama or LSU. Arkansas completed said season with a 4-8 record, losing to both of those teams by a combined 59 points.
So, if #1 doesn’t stay #1 throughout the duration of the season then what are we really getting out of it? One argument is the consumer gains knowledge about the upcoming season’s teams: returning starters, new coaches, any ‘must fill’ positions, and the likes. However, that information is readily available by other sources. That being said, society likes to put a number on anything with a value and this is no different.


What’s the solution here? Well, we can continue as is and make preseason rankings and predictions that 83%* of the time will not occur. Or, we can instill this writer’s opinion: wait to rank teams until x number of games/weeks into the season. This allows for us to base standings on actual facts: margin of victory, individual player statistics, number of injuries, and so forth.
Regardless of what happens moving forward, I do not believe preseason hype and rankings will ever completely go away. It gives people something to talk about until opening day. All in all, I guess I am no better than the rest- I already have my bets on Ron Burgundy winning the Heisman this year. (Because let’s face it, he has just as good of a shot as the next guy).


*40% of statistics are randomly made up on the spot

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SYTYCD Season 10: 1st Live Show

* These are strictly my opinions. I have a dance and cheer background. If I am harsh on a competitor and you are in a sorority with a girl whose brother is dating an aerobics instructor who favors a cast member on SYTYCD, this is not personal and I am sure they are the best dancer to ever come out of your hometown. Now on with the recap:

The format of the live show was to announce a grouping or pair of dancers that made the show by flashing back to when they received the news in Vegas. Then the show would flash forward to the live venue and that set of people would dance for the audience and get judged for the first time. Honestly, it is the best format for the “name who made the top 20 type shows.” I hate an episode wasted solely on that, so American Idol and the likes should adopt this format.

Dance 1: Luther Brown Hip Hop Number

Mariah and Fik-Shun

M.Spears kiiiillllled this. I watched her the whole time. She is sharp and crisp when she is supposed to be and oozes swag the entire routine. The aerial at the end when she is already dog tired impressed me. I just love this girl. There are a lot of strong contemporary dancers, and traditionally the female hip hop dancers don’t go far, so I am not sure she will win, but she has my vote! I think she stole the spotlight from Fik in this routine, but he did have a nice moment in at the 1:00 minute mark.  Fik also did some difficult knee work down on the ground. He seemed too skippy and light footed in some parts and this dance required you to be down and dirty. Fik is a fan favorite though and should be safe for awhile.

Dance 2: Stacey Tookey Contemporary Routine

Makenzie, Jasmine, Tucker and Nico

Let me start by saying, I ADORE Stacey Tookey’s choreography. She knocks it out of the park every time. The boys took this routine in my opinion. At the end they were a little off with each other, but their technique is so good. These two guys are true professionals. For the girls, I thought Makenzie looked a little more precise and I felt her body positions were slightly better. Though Jasmine has good flexibility, sometimes her movements meld together. Sometimes that is called for, but other times you want to be very specific on each count. Jasmine is good at capturing the emotion of a role, though, so the others could learn from her there.

Dance 3: Tappety Tap

Aaron, Alexis, and Curtis

I have a soft spot for tappers. When I danced this was my favorite style. Also, the tap dancers on SYTYCD always have to dance other styles, but rarely do the other dancers have to perform a tap routine. Want to know why? It is because tap takes years and years to learn and perform properly. Listen for crisp clear sounds. Anything muddled is not good. Often voters are not as familiar with tap so they don’t pick up the phone for it, but let me tell you, these three are killer tappers. I give the routine to Alexis if I had to pick, but seriously they are all good. *Note- I couldn’t catch the choreographer’s name (Anthony something), but it was fabulous watching a well performed, proper tap number!

Dance 4: Animation by Christopher Scott

Jade and BluPrint

This is one dance style I have no business grading. I can’t even begin to imagine how you choreograph this and how the performers synchronize it. Typically it seems like a style that is done individually, because each person’s body would “break” at different points. This was really fun to watch and I wish I could offer more by way of critique. I think it is easier to see some of the breaking movement on a taller person like Blu- (or maybe he is just slightly better technically?), but I think Jade’s facials seem more “into it.”

Dance 5: Mia Michaels Contemporary Piece

Carlos, Hayley and Malece

My favorite moment of the dance is when Pixie flips over onto the chair. She does it with reckless abandon and crashes down, which completely matched the emotion of the piece. However, judging the routine as a whole between the girls, slight advantage to Hayley. It is really splitting hairs though. I had a hard time reviewing ‘Los, because he spent so much of the routine picking up and carrying the girls, so I will reserve judgement on him until the next number.

Dance 6: Louis van Amstel Ballroom Dance

Brittany, Jenna, Alan, and Paul

Who doesn’t love Louis from Dancing With The Stars? It’s great seeing the cast crossover between these two programs. This is one of the few dances where I really can’t pick out one person that seemed “better.” I watched Cherry the most, but don’t know why. Upon watching again, JJ is perfect in the number too. If I HAD to pick between the boys, I would chose Alan (please help me come up with a nickname for this guy), but not for technical reasons. There were just moments when Paul came across as “girly” to me. I spent a lot of years cheering, and ballroom like cheerleading is one of those performance types when the guys need to be super-conscientious about coming across manly.

Dance 7: Sonya Tayeh Contemporary Number

Amy and Jasmine

Amy was a beast during Vegas week and her original audition is one of my all time favorites. This dance showed to me the strengths that Jazzy Jas has, because I thought she held her own with front runner Amy. I have no complaints about this routine. Superb performance from both of the dancers. One thing worth mentioning- I would like to see choreographer Sonya do something different. I feel like her routines recycle a lot of the same moves and moods.

Dance 8: Christopher Scott Sand  Routine

Top 10 Boys

Uh-mazing. This is one of the best group routines ever performed on SYTYCD and was incredibly creative. I was captivated. Christopher Scott is a genius for working everyone’s styles into the routine. There is a portion at 1:15 where the three contemporary boys break off on the right- Nico and Tucker are perfectly together and this was not a good moment for ‘Los. Sorry to say, but he did not compare to the other two. I thought AT the tapper looked really good in the front, which makes me glad he got a call back. The animators had some stand out moments too. Everyone else was filler.

Dance 9: Ray Leeper Jazz Peice

Top 10 Girls

You know why the girls in the pre-performance package said this dance was fun? Because it is too easy. There was nothing difficult about this routine. For SYTYCD, it should be harder. This was a dance team number that you would see at a high school dance competition and it wouldn’t even place well with one double turn and nothing else- just posing and walking. It would be fun for a Broadway number or something, but isn’t right for this show. I can’t even critique the girls, because there was little content to judge.

Dance 10: Sonya Tayeh Full Cast Performance

Again, with the gorilla walking from Sonya….it did go with the battle themed routine though. During the whole dance I was actually captivated by the transitions and the formation movement. Does she map this stuff out in diagrams or something? Pretty amazing how the formations flow and constantly give you different pictures. Good group number- I thought ‘Los looked his best in this one. Nico had a nice stand out moment. And Mariah was right up front with the contemporary girls and you would never guess she was a hip hop dancer. Kudos to the cast for a solid performance!

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SYTYCD Season 10 Cast

SYTYCD Season 10 Cast

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